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About Maumee Bay Pediatrics  

Dr. Wendy Wexler is a Board-Certified Pediatrician/Internist who has practiced pediatrics for 28 years and specializes in ADD/ADHD, weight management, eating disorders, acute and chronic illnesses, and well care. She earned her medical degree (M.D.) from the Medical College of Ohio in Toledo and graduated with honors in multiple courses and rotations. She went on to complete her combined Internal Medicine-Pediatric residency at Wayne State University. She enjoys running, biking, reading, traveling, and cooking in her spare time.

Carrie Baker has 16 years as a Board-Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (CPNP) and Primary Mental Health Specialists Board-Certified (PMHS-BC). She provides primary care diagnosis and treatment, including prescriptive authority, for children of all ages for acute and chronic illness, well care exams for all ages from newborn to adolescents. She performs simple office procedures. Her expertise is in treating mental health issues in children such as anxiety, depression, ADD, ADHD and other behavioral issues in children. She holds a Masters of Nursing in the specialty of Pediatric Nurse Practitioner from the University of Toledo and finished with a 4.0 GPA.

About Us

Maumee Bay Pediatrics is dedicated to providing the most up-to-date pediatric medical care for children, adolescents, teenagers, and young adults up to the age of 21. We believe that visits for newborns, as well as children less than two years old, are extremely important as they need immunizations for protection. We currently have procedures in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic to avoid contact with others, extra cleaning procedures and protective measures are in place to protect our patients and families!
Our primary goal is to keep you healthy both physically and emotionally. We take a holistic, whole body approach to treat and prevent diseases. Our compassionate health practitioners and staff will guide your child safely to adulthood. Combined, our M.D. and CPNP have over 30 years experience. We provide medical care and vaccines to all patients regardless of insurance type.

If you do not have a healthcare provider for your child, you can pre-register your child with us during this public health crisis. If you have a medical provider, but cannot obtain an appointment, we will gladly see you and send all records back to your child’s primary medical provider. Maumee Bay Pediatrics will be a resource to our community during this time of challenge. Our motto is: Do what is right and care for ALL kids!

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